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BiteFight, Dang you newgrounds!

2008-02-11 04:08:06 by Malkavoru

Now long ago (like 4 years ago) when browser-based games were all the rage and every novice php-programmer (like myself then) wanted to write his own i promised myself i would never return to there tortuous mouse-clicking whore frenzy's. But tonight, on newgrounds i noticed a little banner for a game called BiteFight, and i was devoured! Now, i have This pretty little link to get people bitten and gain me booty and, well yeah etc. I cant believe i fell for it again, forgive me newgrounds!!

BiteFight, Dang you newgrounds!


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2008-03-30 07:59:51

Damn you, ripping 3.whatever kilograms of flesh from me. That hurt.
It's not like I don't have too much though... ah well.

Is BiteFight a good game? Do you have to pay?