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Acquired Reason 3.0... the games begin?

2007-12-05 05:33:15 by Malkavoru

Now ive been a long-time user of Propellor head's Reason 1.0. Infact, since 7th grade! (And rebirth before that!!) Now with my first year out of highschool coming to a close i upgrade (finally) to Reason 3.0. And wow was that a power trip. Once you figure out the spider and vocoder your set for experimentation! Splitting, processing, remixing, resplitting, processing seperate channels for different effects, sometimes splitting and remixing the same channel ontop of that. Quad core would be nice for this (Add in CuBase VST w00t. Reinstalling that should be a charm!)

Acquired Reason 3.0... the games begin?


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2007-12-05 10:01:02

Wow, lol.

Get 4.0

Malkavoru responds:

now this is when i feel outdated :( there is a 4??


2008-02-08 01:20:13

I've got version 3, but I haven't had chance to play with it yet. Drawing I can do, but music looks like it'll be hard.